Gutenberg, Religion, and the Printing Press

The Gutenberg Bible

Religion, one of the most controversial topics around the whole world. Some people believe in a God and some people thinks it’s all fake and that people are stupid for having such a great and wonderful belief. Some countries don’t even talk about God or believe in any kind of God of their own. One person who did believe was Johannes Gutenberg. He inventing the printing press in 1453 and the first thing ever printed off of it was the one and only Holy Bible.

Johannes Gutenberg was said to have printed 200 Gutenberg Bible copies on rag cotton linen paper and 30 copies on velum animal skin. As of today the known amount of the Gutenberg Bible includes only 22 copies with 7 of the being on velum. I could not find if people criticized him for the printing of the bible but everyone has different beliefs and I don’t know about you, but it makes me wonder what people had said about him.

Believing in something can help some individuals get through their everyday life and solve problems that they are having. It can help to bring families together. Some people look at it as a place to go to be alone and talk to the one they adore. It even helps people find their way out of depression or suicides.

I do agree that some people take it too far as to trying to force people to believe there is a God and in my opinion if someone doesn’t want to believe then they shouldn’t be forced to. For the people that don’t believe I think they should just let people do what they want. Who cares if one individual believes something different than other individuals.

Just a few days ago a person that I know personally posted not one, not two, but three comments about a religion class he is taking. In those he stated “I wish I could fight Jesus and his punk a** daddy lol.” He then went on to say “I will never bow to he who claims to be divine. I’ll tear down your gates with my bare f****** hands. And burn the world that you rule over. No matter how convinced you are, you’re not a god of mine. You’re not a fucking god of mine.” He then posted yet another comment stating “Dude, religion just pisses me off, but it pisses me off more than anything when people stand here and tell me that a fictional character is real. I’m sorry but until someone can prove to me that he is 110% real I’m just going to think that everyone that believes in him is retarded.” Some people may agree with him but others disagree. A few of the comments on these posts include “I agree,” so then he commented back to that “so therefore, all hail satan! lmao”, and finally a mother read all of what was going on and posted “NICK SHAME ON YOU! keep this rediculosness off of facebook. how disappointing.”

If everyone just lived their life then there would be less problems to deal with because it’s not fair to force someone to believe in the opposite of what they think is right opposed to what the other individual finds wrong. Believe what you want and don’t let anyone change your opinion based on theirs because in the end we will find out who was right and who was wrong.


~ by Maranda Keith on 09/05/2011.

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